Participants will be challenged to design an object we agree on beforehand. 


This package is suited to introduce basic maker skills: 

  • 3D printing 

  • laser cutting 

  • robotics 

  • electronics 


Participants can build a 

  • smart plant watering system 

  • a synthesizer 

  • a pinball machine 

  • or a pet robot for the office 


Participants can take their creations home and use them in their everyday lives.


There is no prearranged object to build, participants determine themselves what they want to make while they acquire basic maker skills.


This package involves a creative use of the tools of the makerspace. Participants will be challenged to build something they never dreamed they would be able to. The client brings the idea and we will use all tools available in the makerspace to turn it into an amazing product.


We will experiment with the idea beforehand to make the experience more seamless for the company team. Therefore 360 minutes will be plenty to gain an understanding of the basics of making and create an object that the team can take home.


A two day long experience in prototyping where we provide a challenge (Hackathon) or we work on the product idea you bring. We go through the phases of designing, manufacturing and testing to demonstrate how rapid prototyping systems and industry 4.0 work. The result is a real working product the team can be proud of. 

This package is suited to bring the company’s product to an initial prototype phase that can be presented to the world. We develop the prototype together consulting experts of special fields. Before the training we estimate how long the prototyping phase takes, and we decide what needs to be prepared beforehand and what can be done on the spot. This doesn’t mean we prepare the industrial prototype for you.  

In the end you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the process of prototyping. Using this experience you’ll be able to make a better prototype, you are welcome to do it in our makerspace. We guarantee that you will walk away with a finished product. If any further supplies are needed, they cost extra. 


The package’s content depends on your needs and are based on an individual arrangement. We can assist each other in two ways: 



The INDUSTRY 4.0 package is about overseeing the whole prototyping process, we won’t make the prototype for you. If you want to commission us to build your prototype, we can arrange that, too. 


Course development  

Our main line of business is course development: we create content that conveys knowledge employing maker education techniques. If you have a product that you want to communicate with this method - using trial and error, making, experience, a sense of achievement – contact us and we will utilize our makerspace to find out how to best represent your product or idea. 

We recommend course development as a service to companies who’d like to gain wider awareness for their product, as this package includes not only the documentation of the process of making and a proven process but the training for educators. 

MAKING FOR CHILDREN is known for its workshops and summer camps for 11-16 year olds. We can recommend you a whole range of different options and we can discuss different types of making and machinery all suited to your preferred location. These include: 


  • Summer camps 

  • A series of workshops  

  • Workshops lasting 3-6 hours 

  • Mobile maker workshops for big corporate events 

  • Events for other corporate venues 


Out methodology works only if most of the activity happens in a makerspace. These can be integrated into all kinds of environments and we can help you establish your own. 

A company makerspace can be an exciting opportunity to show your employees and contractors the new possibilities that Industry 4.0 and learning by doing provides. We look forward to forging long term partnerships and this makerspace can be the breeding ground for further cooperation.