IN 2020

 These difficult times require an extraordinary effort from parents who have an extra duty of tutoring and supporting their children at home. We’d like to take a portion of that load off by offering rewarding and meaningful maker activities for children aged 11-16.  We hope we’ll have the opportunity for that this summer, we are looking forward to inspiring the children with our unique, story-based challenges.  


In 2020 we’ll reopen our well-equipped makerspace at a new, central location at Andrassy street 66. 



There are five story-based camps to choose from, children can build a sustainable city that can thrive despite rising sea levels, they can rebuild lost civilization with the help of modern technology, go on an expedition to recolonize Mars, or fight off evil forces with their superhero personas. Participants can develop skills like 3D and 2D design, 3D printing, laser cutting, hardware programming and soldering. They learn to work as a team, cope with failure and find out how to utilize their strengths for the common goal.  



By combining story driven learning with modern technologies we guide participants into the world of science in a playful way. 


Even the inhabitants of the international space station share their living space with robots. We build robots, too, in a safe environment and with the latest kid friendly tools available. 


We create personalized objects, toys and devices and improve skills that will be useful in 20 years both at work and at home. 




We are offering a new camp for kids aged 11-16 with another kid-friendly story to drive the learning experience. This time we set out to help protectors of a lost world by providing them with the latest technology that enables them to create magic objects and weapons. In the course of the 3 days, kids will gain an insight into the history of industrial production, mass customization and machine-to-machine communication.

Keywords: youth development program, future entrepreneurship, experimenting, structured thinking, business canvas, advanced robotics, INDUSTRY 4.0, industrial revolutions     

The camp is supported by CraftUnique Kft., the manufacturer of CraftBot 3D printers.


The City of the Future is a place where kids would like to live in 30 years. It is a scaled down model (some of the projects might actually be 1:1 scale) of a smart city they shape according to their ideas and imagination. 

This camp is also a social experiment since it highlights current social issues like immigration, sustainability and clean energy. Participants use mixed technologies to create different artifacts (houses, cities, furniture, etc.) which they can imagine to be part of their future. 

Keywords: Urban planning, Urban development, Sociology, Multiculturalism, Robotics, Futurology, Electronics, Micro-controllers 

The camp is supported by CraftUnique Kft., the manufacturer of CraftBot 3D printers.


When should we talk to our children about climate change if not today? This course is a conversation with the participants about the most pressing issue of our times. We believe that we need to discuss important social matters with our kids while they are young because they will be the decision-makers of tomorrow. They will be the ones who make a change by pressuring their peers and their parents. During the course, participants design a floating city that ensures the survival of mankind after a dramatic sea-level rise. Therefore, the floating city must be self-sufficient. 


Keywords:  global warming, climate change, environmentalism, renewable energy, environmental protection, problem solving, cooperation, leadership, strategy, innovation, enterprising, emotional intelligence 


The camp is supported by CraftUnique Kft., the manufacturer of CraftBot 3D printers.


At the center of the workshops are the superheroes created by the kids. Developing their own characters helps kids express themselves in blog posts and inspirational videos. We create and tell stories by programing microcontrollers, sewing comics, printing characters, all participants form their own stories. By the end of the week, kids who are more interested in humanities subjects will have a new appreciation for STEAM studies and kids who are more STEAM centered will be more open to humanities. 

Keywords: Boardgame design, Comics, Programming with Arduino, Photography, Movie making, Individual problem solving, Creative writing, Teamwork, Communication 

The camp is supported by CraftUnique Kft, the manufacturer of CraftBot 3D printers.


Workshops at this camp deal with sustainable, green developments and experiments. The participants explore wind, water, solar, bio and even fossil fuel energy solutions, build micro power plants complete with controls and energy output monitoring systems. They have to find solutions for humanity to survive on Mars and they can use 3D printers, the laser cutter and microcontrollers to achieve that goal. While they work on their projects, they gain a basic proficiency of these digital devices. 

Keywords: Small groups, Complex creations, Sustainability, Research, Programming, Energy efficient power plants, Outer space, Expedition, Engineering, Rover design, Robotics 

The camp is supported by CraftUnique Kft, the manufacturer of CraftBot 3D printers.