Seamless operation of a makerspace depends on the collaboration between educators and technical staff. Our 4 teacher training modules have been developed for teachers. Their work is supplemented by maintenance and operation managers whose training involves less methodology and a much deeper understanding and proficiency of the machinery. 

Teachers are the ones who answer students’ questions beginning with “why”, they know what to teach, in what order and how to motivate participants. Maintenance and operation managers answer questions beginning with “how”, they are responsible for maintaining the machines and are proficient in all technologies from 3D printing to woodworking. 

This training is expected to be 320 hours long and encompasses all tools used in an educational makerspace: 

  • Use of different design software 

  • Maintenance 

  • Basic repair jobs 

  • Managing supplies 

  • Knowledge of materials 

  • Cooperation with teachers in a makerspace environment